Tips how to use spark cards JUNIOR

Sequence it: Present some or all of the cards to your child and have them put the cards in the correct order.

Ask it: Ask the “WH” questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW

Describe it: Have your child formulate a sentence and describe the picture scenes.

Narrate it: Have your child tell the story using narrative skills and connect the pictures using sequencing terms such as: then, next, before, after, first, last, beginning, middle, and in the end.

Analyze it: Have your child notice picture details and identify which details are the clues to determine the order of the pictures. Use a dry erase marker to highlight scene details.

Notice it: Notice the character emotions and changes of details in the picture card sets.

Connect it: Connect the events in the story picture cards to something you did, you know or experienced.

Advanced level activities:

Expand it: Practice critical thinking skills and ask, “What happened before?”, “What might happen next?”, “What other events are happening during the events in this picture?”.

Summarize it: Ask your child to identify the main idea. Have your child name the story with a story title.

Perceive it: Critical thinking: “What is the character thinking?” “What is the character saying?”

Draw it: Have your child draw a scene that might have happened before, after, and/or between the events in the picture card scenes.

Write it: Have your child work on writing skills and write a story about the picture cards.

Create it: Have your child create another similar sequenced story. Compare and contrast the stories.

Enjoy it: Enjoy using these SPARK sequencing cards!!