What Our Customers Are Saying

Attention SLP’s: If you need to pack one item into your speech bag this is it. I use these cards with my fluency, articulation, pragmatics and of course language delayed students. My students love the pictures and the inferencing questions which accompany each card is spot on. This item is a real winner!

- Mir

Wonderful for use in therapy as the pictures are clear and can target many language skills such as narrative cohesion, which is why I chose it, and answering various questions!

- Hayley

I bought these cards to use with my daughter (7) who is having expressive language difficulties. I needed something a bit more than regular sequencing cards to stimulate her. These cards are more like sequencing scenes and sequencing stories with loads of detail that really help my daughter with her expressive challenge. She is loving them!

- Nate

I’m a pediatric speech pathologist and I love this sequencing set! We use it to sequence events in a story (of course!) but also to expand sentences through detailed descriptions, produce grammatically and syntactically appropriate sentences from simple to complex, make inferences, and develop problem solving skills.

- Jennifer

This is a great way to prompt conversation with my 4.5 y/o. It helps us practice his articulation. The quality of the card set fabulous in a solid storage box. My mother also used the cards with my 6y/o and she was super engaged, using them as a game (rather than speech tool).

- Sarah

Wow what a wonderful teaching tool! These sequencing cards are detailed, versatile, clear, incorporates literacy and oh so durable. The picture stories can be used for younger students as well as older kids (grades 1 & 2). I am excited to use them for the new school year with my language delayed students. I test drived them with my son and he couldn’t get enough! And the teaching prompt cards help a lot!! 100% recommended!

- Lauren

Kids absolutely loved it! Great game for the whole family! Highly recommended!!

- Reagan

I bought these cards to use with my students ages 5-8. Firstly, these cards are super durable and the illustrations of the picture scenes are large and clear. Second, I love that these cards are so versatile and filled with content for learning and generating schema. My students are enjoying putting these scenes in order and I am really loving the handy question prompts provided for each scene.

- Jen

I am a speech language pathologist and I use SPARK cards to target numerous goals. I use them for sequencing, story telling , why questions and grammar just on the language side. They’re also great for carryover activities for articulation goals as well.

- Tina

I've been using it with my nephew who has autism for about a month and a half now and he loves it. Personally i like the way it makes him brainstorm and come up with solutions and stories while still having fun.

- Luis

This is a great sequencing deck! I love using these cards with my students and my students enjoy the illustrative and relatable scenes and stories. This set is very versatile, well-made, and well-designed!

- Bridget

Great sequencing cards! Kids enjoy doing it as it’s fun and exciting and not a “boring task!” Looking forward to using them with many more of my clients!

- Abi

I'm an SLP and these cards are amazing to work on WH questions, inferences, and building sentences. This is a great resource!

- Julia