Time-Telling Adventures: Learn to Tell Time with Spark Clock Flipbook!

Posted by Leah Schwed on


Learning to tell time is a milestone moment in every child's educational journey. But who said it has to be boring? Let’s embark on an exciting adventure of time-telling exploration, with the Spark Clock Flipbook leading the way to fun and educational discoveries in both digital and analog time telling.

Unlocking the World of Time:

Telling time opens up a world of organization and understanding. It's a skill that empowers kids to manage their day, meet appointments, and grasp the concept of time as a valuable resource. With the right tools, learning to tell time becomes an enjoyable journey of discovery and growth.

Introducing Spark Clock Flipbook:

Enter the Spark Clock Flipbook—a magical learning tool that makes time-telling a breeze! This innovative flipbook combines the charm of a traditional analog clock with the convenience of digital time representation, offering kids a comprehensive approach to mastering time in both formats.

 Fun with Digital Time:

With the Spark Clock Flipbook, learning digital time becomes an exciting adventure! Kids can flip the number pages where number are displayed on the flip pages in a clear and engaging manner. Flipping the numbers help children understand the number sequence in telling time and makes it telling a fun and interactive experience.

Analog Time Made Simple:

But wait, there's more! The Spark Clock Flipbook goes beyond digital time to explore the world of analog clocks. Kids can practice setting the hands of the clock to match the digital time displayed, honing their skills in reading traditional clock faces and understanding the relationship between hours, minutes, and seconds.

 Learning Through Play:

Learning with the Spark Clock Flipbook feels like playtime, not study time! Kids can engage in hands-on activities, games, and challenges that reinforce their understanding of time-telling concepts while sparking their curiosity and creativity. Whether organizing a pretend schedule for their favorite activities or using storytelling to explore the passage of time, the Spark Clock Flipbook transforms learning into an immersive and enjoyable adventure.

 As we conclude our time-telling journey, it's evident that the Spark Clock Flipbook is a game-changer in kids' education. With its blend of fun and learning, this innovative tool empowers kids to master digital and analog time-telling with confidence and enthusiasm. So why wait? Dive into the world of time-telling with the Spark Clock Flipbook and watch as learning becomes a magical journey filled with discovery and delight!



Follow these easy steps that are included in the Spark Clock Flipbook

How to teach your child to tell time:

  • Learn to identify and label numbers 1-60
  • Practice counting to 1-60 with your child. Count by ones and then count by fives.
  • Learn the short hand is hours and the long hand is minutes. Learn that there are 12 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour.
  • Learn the direction the clock hands move-CLOCKWISE.
  • Digital clock-Learn the number before the : is the hour and the numbers after are the minutes.
  • Teach the o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter after by showing that the clock can be divided into 2 equal parts and then to 4 equal parts.
  • Move the hour hand along the hours and practice counting the hours. Then move the minute hand and practice counting the minutes.
  • Flip the digital clock number flips to “set” the time and then try to create the time on the analog clock. Reverse and set the analog clock and create the digital time.
  • Set up your own time by writing with a dry erase marker (no pen, or permanent marker) on the FIRST flip (laminated side) to write a digital time and then move the hour and minute hand to set the time on the analog clock. Erase and write a new time.